Water Jet Profiling 


Using a jet of water which is mixed with a very fine granite powder and pushed through a 0.8mm nozzle at 3400 bar (60000 psi) a laser like beam is formed to cut through the material. The finish can be as good as machined depending on the speed of cut.


Profiling metal plate & plastics up to 150mm thick


Clean cut, even on thick plate


Advanced head technology


Our waterjets profile a wide range of materials


The machine can cut up to 150mm (6″.0) thick Stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, granite, ceramic, Perspex, wood, glass, brass, copper, Titanium, rubber, foam, etc.
The bed area will take a full 4mtr x 2.2mtr sheet of material.

Waterjet Technology

Our investments in advanced head technology means our waterjets can deliver the same cut quality and minimalise downtime due to part replacements, helping to ensure that you receive your waterjet cut parts on time.


Control of cut and accuracy is most important. The water-jet is programmed with the drawing of a part/component; the machine then automatically ‘nests’ the item onto the screen to give optimum use of material. The fully cnc machine is then controlled via a consul by the operator. The beauty of this technology now allows customers to simply e-mail their Cad drawings, which are then downloaded and fed straight into the machines computer. No ambiguity, no dimensional errors.



  1. There is none of the heat distortion associated with laser cutting
  2. No hardening of cut edges and no contamination
  3. No tooling is required
  4. Polished or unfinished materials can be cut
  5. It is more accurate than plasma or flame cutting
  6. The unique low pressure systems allows glass and laminates to be cut
  7. No restriction on hole sizes
  8. Complex internal and external shapes with very small internal corners
  9. An ideal service for fabricators in all industries

Waterjet cutting has advantages over other cutting processes:

  • Waterjet vs. Laser cutting – Waterjet cutting can cut virtually any material, it can cut much thicker materials than laser cutting, up to 150mm thick, plus there is no Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).
  • Waterjet vs. Plasma/Gas cutting – The accuracy of Waterjet cutting is much better as is the quality of the cut, plus waterjet cutting has no Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) and can cut a wider variety of material.
  • Waterjet cutting vs. Machining – The speed of cutting is much faster and therefore cheaper, however it is not as accurate as machining. We can “rough out” parts on the Waterjet, which go on for high accuracy CNC machining later, this way the part is nearly complete only a small amount of additional machining is required which helps reduce the cost of each part dramatically.

Experts In Our Field

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AK Sheetmetal was established in 1997. The directors have over 60 years of experience between them. The company is now well established and has recently expanded into a second site locally.

Our workshop is fully CNC controlled for our laser profiling, to guillotine, press brake and rollers.

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