Laser Profiling

Our equipment can handle a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials that include mild steel, stainless steel, tool steel, pre-finished surfaces (e.g. galvanized or zinc coated steel), aluminium and a range of super-alloys such as titanium.



Profiling sheet metal and plate up to 25mm thick


Fibre technology and advanced nesting


Precise, clean cuts every time


We cut sheet metal and plate to your requirements

ByStar Fibre

Highest flexibility for materials used and productivity combined with minimum costs per part.

  • High-speed cutting in a class of its own, with up to 12 kilowatts of laser power. For unbeatable productivity in 3 to 12 millimeter thick mild steel with an average 20 percent speed advantage over 10 kilowatts
  • Maximum flexibility for large series and spontaneous customer orders. Regardless of whether aluminum, non-ferrous metals, or steel, the high-performance Bystronic cutting head excels with maximum precision in both thin and thick sheets and profiles
  • Cut up to 30 millimeter thick steel. Clean cutting edges in a wide variety of steel sheet qualities thanks to the unique BeamShaper option
  • Using a 21.5-inch touch screen, Bystronic’s ByVision Cutting software is operated just as simply as a smartphone
  • A wide range of automation solutions guarantees maximum machine utilization and process reliability even during unmanned operation

Nominal sheet size – 4000 x 2000 mm

Maximum simultaneous positioning speed – 170 m/min

Circumscribed circle diameter of the rotary axis 30-315 mm

10 KW Machine

6 KW Machine

Sheet Size

A maximum sheet size of 4000 mm. x 2000 mm. can be handled with thickness of material that range from the very lightest gauge to 25 mm mild steel & stainless steel and 30mm aluminium.

There are many laser shops that can provide a cutting or marking service on a ‘flat-in, flat-out’ arrangement but if further work is required to form or fabricate the component, additional sub-contractors have to be found. A fully equipped fabrication shop as such we are able to offer a choice of either ‘flat-cut parts’ or a complete service from design concept to finished product.

Efficiency And Economy

Rapid cutting speeds, quality of finish and efficient use of materials make the modern CO2 laser an extremely cost effective alternative to the more conventional punch-tool method of sheet metal working. In many cases it can completely eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming development of tooling. Automated sheet nesting of parts and optimized tool path settings can ensure the most efficient use of materials and the most economical piece part price.


Laser cutting is extremely accurate with consistent repeatability and frequently used to produce the most complex profiles. Tolerances of +/- 0.2mm are normal but can vary with material thicknesses and design detail.


Our investments in fibre laser technology means that we’re able to profile both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, enabling us to offer a more cost-effective solution on materials such as brass and copper.

Bystronic 10 KW Fibre Laser With Bytrans Installation – Feb 2019

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Our workshop is fully CNC controlled for our laser profiling, to guillotine, press brake and rollers.

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